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iTerm2 Tips & Tricks

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iTerm2 is an free terminal emulator for Mac OS X.

Here are some useful & interesting iTerm hotkeys i’ve discoverd along the way;

Command Keys
iTerm2 Exposé Cmd + Alt + E
Paste history Cmd + Shift + H
All panes Input Cmd + Alt + I
split pane (h) Cmd + D
split pane (v) Cmd + Shift + D
next pane Cmd + ]
previous pane Cmd + [
increase fontsize Cmd + +
decrease fontsize Cmd + -
default fontsize Cmd + 0
rainbow cursor Cmd + /

Custom Hotkeys

I have also set up some custom hotkeys for myself:

Keys Action Value Purpose
⌘ ← “HEX CODE” 0x01 Jump to beginning of the line
⌘ ➝ “HEX CODE” 0x05 Jump to end of the line
⌘ Backspace “HEX CODE” 0x15 Delete current line
⌥ ← “ESCAPE SEQ” b Jumo to beginning of the word
⌥ ➝ “ESCAPE SEQ” f Jumo to end of the word
⌥ Backspace “HEX CODE” 0x17 Delete word

iTerm2 Visor

You can set up iterm to act like a “visor”, similar to how the Quake’s terminal / Guake works. This has an advantage of getting to your termals quickly among other things you’ve had opened on your screen.

First you will need to set up a hotkey, I’ve got mine to use F9.

Preferences >> Keys >> Hotkey

Set up iterm act like a visor

Then inside your terminal’s profile, set the style to something other than the default normal option.

Preferences >> Profiles >> Window >> Style

Set up iterm act like a visor

Quit iTerm2?

I’ve also unchecked the default option for Confirm “Quit iTerm2” window.

Preferences >> General >> Closing

I find this gets in the way everytime I shutdown my Mac, it pops up & I need to click it again to not let it stop the the shutdown process. iTerm2 has stoped the shutdown

If you often find yourself spliting panes in your terminal window, I highly recommend setting up a Window Arrangement profile to save you time.

On my 15” macbook pro i set my a workspace which consist of 3 panes (shown below), Once your happy with your setup, you can save it by Cmd + Shift + S. iTerm2 has stoped the shutdown I also set up a hotkey for mine to quickly bring up a new terminal window with the predefined panes.

You got any awsome tips I’ve not mentioned? Let us know from leaving a comment :)