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Should You Buy a Cheap Apple Keyboard Knockoff

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Should You Buy a Cheap Apple Keyboard Knockoff?

I recently stumbled on an apple ‘like’ wireless keyboard called iWantIt it looks like the apple wireless keyboard but it’s 100% cheap plastic.

It was on offer for £ 8.99 in Currys (a British electrical retailer). It so happens I was looking at an official apple wireless keyboard the day before, which is selling for £53.99 at Amazon.

Cheap apple keyboard

At a first glance the layout is very similar to the apple keyboard, and with a price of £8.99. I thought this may work, and bought it…

TLDR: Should You Buy a Cheap Apple Keyboard knockoff? No, save up if your broke. So many flaws makes this un-usable.

When I rest my hand on top of the keyboard, first thing i noticed was the angle of this is steeper than the apple keyboard, you need to raise curl your fingers a bit more to type.


Whenever I press a key, the rest of the keyboard sort of cave in and bend into the pressure point of I’m typing, this may or may not be a problem for you, depending how hard you press down when typing.

There’s also a bit of a ‘recoil’ like shooting a gun in CoD. Soon as you gain some speed when typing, it would nudge and move a little on the table, and wouldn’t stay put.


This key on the top left… (You mean the esc key?) WRONG!!! It’s an home button… A freaking home button… To use it as an esc key, you have to hold down the fn key. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend press the esc key quite a lot, and so far this is driving me nuts.

esc key

I tried coming up with at least 1 good point about this keyboard, but I just can’t think of any.

So yeah kids… Don’t buy cheap apple keyboards knockoff…