Adrian Chen

Raspberry Pi Torrent Box

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With the new release of the Raspberry Pi 2, it reminded me of the old Raspberry Pi model B I have that’s covered in dust doing nothing. Feeling a bit sad for my Raspberry Pi I decided to turn it into something useful, a 24/7 bit torrent client. For downloading erm… all the public domain legal earth watching that I do.

The Pi’s power consumption is so low, it almost cost nothing on your electricity bill, and it’s passive cooling which means it noiseless.

I mostly followed this guide here on setting up Deluge the bit torrent client & samba share on the Raspberry Pi.

When I first tried out the guide, I had an self powered external hard drive that I plugged straight into the Pi, however when ever we try to access the files more than a minute, I would get an I/O error writing to ... then I would have to remount the drive on the pi. After trying out different combination of the format and partition of the hard disk… it turned out there was a power surge on the hard disk USB plug, when it connects to the Pi it would disrupt it’s operation.

This is my working solution:

"Setup of the Raspberry Pi torrent box using the powered usb hub and external hard drive"

I Added a powered usb hub between the Raspberry Pi and the external hard disk to make sure the hard disk is not drawing power from the Pi, and also changed the external hard disk to be one of the simple plug and play WD My Passport without any power source, this have been running smoothly without an issue so far for the past 2 months, quietly sitting on my shelf next the my router~ Hope this will help some of us who had the similar problem on external hard drive with the raspberry pi.