Adrian Chen

A New Day in Unity

c#, development, game, learning

The few indie game developers forums I’ve join, whenever someone makes post on #screenshotsaturday, my first question would always be “What did you used to build this with!?”

I’ve been spamming that for the past few months, and realised that a big portion of games are built with Unity3d. so I’ve decided to give this a shot and do some learning and tutorials~!



In the past I have only tried building games with a few javascript games frameworks; impact.js, crafty.js, Phaser, etc. There’s some really positive points using unity comparing it to these js frameworks.

The one thing I love most is the ease on publishing and building your game onto different platforms, such as html5, iOS, android, windows, mac, etc. Everything is within one package. Where as I had to use 3rd party tools to help me do things like this when i have built a web canvas game and wants to publishing onto the iOS for example.

I really really like is how easy it was on building the levels and positioning things. Impact.js provided an level editor but it is still pretty clunky, with the other frameworks there’s a bit of trial and error with placing things with code. Generally overall I think I prefer building stuff with Unity than the game javascript frameworks.