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Internet of Doors - DIY Smart Doorbell

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"Hacking in progress"

Last year I’ve hacked my cheap wireless doorbell I got from Argos to send a signal to my raspberry pi with a 443 receiver module, which was kindly donated to me from one of my colleague. (Thank you Csaba!! ☺️)

After a few trial and error and soldering different length and size of the coil of wire for the antenna, I manage to get the receiver to pick up the press pretty accurately.

I then used some tape and stick the raspberry pi on to the back of my front door, which conveniently has a window so… I thought why not add a pi camera that take a photo each time the doorbell was pressed~!

"Door Pi"

I’ve let it running for a while it takes some interesting photos including a big close up of my lips:

"My Face" "My Face"

I still have a problem of not able to hear the door bell, whenever I’m cooking or have headphones on, so to solve that I used the Twilio API to set up messaging to my phone when my doorbell gets pressed, it took only like 5 mins to setup and have something running and sending messages thanks to it’s easy to use and well written API documentations with handy examples on different languages. Never miss a Amazon delivery again~!!

"Thanks Twilio"

I wrote the program in Nodejs, if anyone is interested to see the code or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line in the comment or email me~!